Data Science Engineer (Krakow (PL) / Remote)

Telecommute · Kraków, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland · Data Science



We’re looking for Data Science Engineers who are proactive and have combined practical experience from the field of Software Engineering and Data Science to join our Data Science Engineering Team.

Your primary focus will be on suggesting and building out features, projects, prototypes, proofs of concept which employ Data Science / Machine Learning / AI based solutions to solve our current problems and to generate valuable insights.

As we are a testing focused company , you’ll have an opportunity to help our team with building testing related tools and use our internal prototypes / betas where your feedback as a user and a Data Engineer would be invaluable.


- negotiable salary, but within 2800 - 5000 EUR net a month on a VAT invoice (B2B), depending on your experience

- permanent contract with a 6 months trial period

- career progression within the Data Science Engineering team or other departments up to a Lead or a Senior Data Engineer


- paid sick leave

Take the list above into account when thinking about your monthly rate.


- office in Krakow, Poland or remote work



- min 3 years (4.5 + senior level) of experience in backend development (any of the languages: Ruby / Python / Java / JRuby )

- min 2 years (3.5 + senior level) of experience in Data Science / Machine Learning / AI related roles

- designing and implementing relatively complex applications (code complexity and data model complexity)

- creating database schemas that represent and support business processes

- integration with various internal and external APIs using opensource and custom built API connectors

- data migration, transformation and scripting

- outputting data in different formats


- communicating on a daily basis with the rest of the Data Science Engineering team in Poland and UK via chat or google hangouts (video calls)

- communicating with other business teams in UK, Poland and Romania to investigate some of their requirements

- designing and implementing new features for internal and external users (for e.g. Testers, Operations Team)

- helping software engineers in the Data Science Engineering and Tech teams with taking over your new features / prototypes so they can make them ready for production or so they can expand on your ideas

- building data visualisation systems for delivering various data driven insights to the rest of the business in an effective manner

- solving various interesting problems around tester management, tester scoring, manual test case executions, semi automated test execution, spam activity detection, etc.

- building modular code which has a clear separation of responsibility

- suggesting technologies that fit the problem at hand

- suggesting technologies that you would like to try out because you sense that they can bring a lot to the table but had no chance to try them out yet

- suggesting technologies and solutions which could be a game changer in our market (or any other market) if you spot something interesting


Please keep in mind that you don't need to tick all the boxes here, because we will need to train you a bit either way, even if you are on a senior level.

- good understanding of any of these languages: Ruby / Python / Java / JRuby

- relatively good understanding of Ruby on Rails or Django frameworks

- basic understanding of TDD

- relatively good understanding of front-end technologies and platforms, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3

- good understanding of the git code versioning tool

- experience with extracting knowledge from raw datasets with relational and nonrelational data

- ability to expand datasets with external data sources

- experience with NLP, dependency parsers

- familiarity with some of these Python packages: nltk, pandas, opencv, tensorflow, numpy, sklearn

- ability to write and analyze complex queries in Mysql/Postgres

- good understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of ML methods and algorithms behind them (classification, clustering, numerical optimization)

- ability to create readable data visualisations


- familiarity with Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Generation

- familiarity with Computer Vision aspects

- familiarity with modeling data in graph databases

- familiarity with Selenium (scripted, not IDE)

- experience with huge datasets

- basic understanding of few of the SOLID principles

- any experience with building NodeJS apps (both frontend and server apps)

- any experience in latest ReactJS, ES5, ES6, Redux

- any experience in latest Elixir, Phoenix



Our dedication to helping you become successful.

Responsibility and a real say in the future of the company.

You’ll have a role that will be vital to the company's growth and every idea you come up with will always be carefully considered

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